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August 2018
Les Misérables by
Victor Hugo
Director: Andrew Meldrum
Musical Director: Jem Sherwill
Asst Director: Marg Cameron
Producer: Karlana Santamaria
May 2018
Love Letters by
Director: Frank Harvey
Producer: Amanda Wason
March 2018
The Offshore Island by
Marghanita Laski
Director: Cherry Servis
Producer: Karlana Santamaria
Assistant Producer: Allie Clare

Dec 2017

Youth Theatre

A Decade in Review

Producer and Coordinator: Julia Santamaria

Nov-Dec 2017
Present Laughter by
Noel Coward
Director: Andrew Meldrum
Producer: Allie Clare
Assistant Producer: Karlana Santamaria
August 2017
The Full Monty
Book by Terrence McNally
Music & Lyrics by David Yazbek
Director: Leo Vandervalk
Music Director: Jem Sherwill
Asst Director: Sonja Prater
Choreographer: Julie Paice
Producers: Karen Hunt, Ben Lawrance
True West resize.jpg
May 2017
True West by
Sam Shepard
Director: Travis Handcock
Producer: Sonja Prater
Feb - March 2017
Little Gem by
Elaine Murphy
Director: Richard Keown
Asst Director: Jarrod Catt
Producer: Ben Lawrence
Dec 2016
Youth Theatre Lords & Ladies by
Noel Coward
Producer/Coordinator: Julia Santamaria
Directors: Matthew Knight, Nick White & Ryan Vanderzweep
Nov 2016
Whose Wives are thet Anyway? by
Michael Parker
Director: Frank Harvey
Producer: Andrew Walker
Asst Director: Yasna Blandin de Chalain
Aug - Sept 2016
Falling from Grace by
Hannie Rayson
Director: Natasha Boyd
Producer: Kaye Mills &
Sue Cerminara 
May - June 2016
based on the screenplay by Richard Danus
Director: Julie Paice
Musical Director: Jem Sherwill
Choreographer: Donna Johnston
Feb - March 2016
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by
Jay Presson Allen
Director: Andrew Meldrum
Asst Director: Kath Addicoat
Producer: Allie Claire
Nov 2015
Waiting in the Wings by
Noel Coward
Director: Cherry Servis
Producer: Allie Claire
Aug - Sept 2015
An Inspector Calls by
J.B. Priestly
Director: Julie Wade
Producers: Yasna Blandin de Chalain & Julie Hopkins
12 Angry Men Poster (IV) LR.jpg
Aug - Sept 2012
Wuthering Heights by
Emily Bronte
Director: Frank Harvey 
 Producer: Des Rees
May 2015
by Monty Python
Directosr: Terri & Tony Fox
Producers: Kath & Kevin Addicoat
2015 Feb 27th Summer Shorts.jpg
27th Feb 2017
'Summer Shorts'

Nov - Dec 2014

The Mount Players Youth Theatre



Directors: Kerry Turpie, Matt Knight & Laura Puddefoot

Sept 2014
Heroes by
Tom Stoppard
Director: Frank Karvey
Producer: Des Rees
(Dog on programme cover - Bonnie)
June 2014
Harold & Maude by
Colin Higgins
Director: Craig Lenaine-Smith
Producers: Kaye Mills & Sue Cerminara
Feb - March 2014
A Few Good Men by
Aaron Sorkin
Director: Neil Coulson 
Producer: Suzy Coulson
Dec 2013
A Collection of OAP by TMP Youth Theatre
Directors: J. Calvert, A. Gehling, J. Santamaria,V. Lenaine-Smith, L.Puddefoot, K. Turpie
2013 Nov-Dec The Sound of Music
Nov - Dec 2013
The Sound of Music
Directors: Terri & Tony Fox
Music Director: Wade Dinning
Producers: Kath & Kevin Addicoat
Aug - Sept 2013
Steel Magnolias by
Robert Harling
Director: Natasha Boyd
Producers: Kaye Mills & Sue Cerminara
May - June 2013
Three Penny Opera by
Hannie Rayson
Director: Leo Vandervalk
Asst Director: Linda Mitchell
Musical Director: Peter Weerts
Producers: Sonja Prater & Karen Hunt
March 2013
Stones in his Pockets by
Marie Jones
Director: Richard Keown
& Natasha Boyd
Producers: Julie Hopkins & Neil Coulson
2012 Dec The Show Goes On 1 Cover.jpg
Dec 2012
The Show Goes On 
The Youth Theatre presents A Tribute to 40 Years of Community Theatre
Director: Narelle Barton
Producer: Neil Coulson
Choreographer: Laura Puddefoot
Nov - Dec 2012
Private Lives by
Noel Coward
Director: Andrew Meldrum 
Asst Director: Kath Addicoat
Producers: Kaye Mills & Sue Cerminara
May - June 2012
Oklahoma! by
Rogers & Hammerstein
Directors: Peter & Olivia Kelly 
Musical Director: Peter Weerts
Producer: Frances Kelly
2012 March Art_edited.jpg
March 2012
Art by
Yasmina Reza
Director: Christina Finch
Producer: Chris Finch
2011 Dec Carpe Jugulum Cover.jpg
Dec 2011
Carpe Jugulem by
Terry Pratchett
Director: Kerry Turpie
Producer: Narelle Barton
2011 Nov-Dec Moonlight and magnolias 1 C
Nov - Dec 2011
Moonlight and Magnolias by
Ron Hutchinson
Director: Sonja Prater
Producer: Robyn Parish
2011 Aug-Sept God of Carnage Cover.jpg
Aug - Sept 2011
God of Carnage by
Yasmina Reza
Director: Natasha Boyd
Producers: Kaye Mills & Sue Cerminara
May - June 2011
Hello Dolly 
Directors: Marg Cameron & Ray Kenny 
Musical Director: Cath Kenny
Producers: Chris & Christina Finch
2011 March-April The Woman in Black Cove
March - April 2011
Woman in Black based on the book by
Susan Hill
Director: Frank Harvey
 Producer:  Des Reeves
blue_stage_curtain_ 1.jpg
Dec 10th & 11th 2010 
Once More With Feeling
The Youth Theatre presents  various numbers including from Seussical, Spamalot, Michael Jackson plus the award winning OAP 'Tracy' written by Neil Coulson
Directors: The Youth Leaders
2010 Nov-Dec Waking Eve Cover.jpg
Nov - Dec 2010
Waking Eve
by Robert Hewett
Director:  Sonja Prater 
 Producer: Robyn Parish
Aug - Sept 2010
The Breakfast Club 
based on the film by
John Huges
Director:  David Cubley
Asst Director: Laura Puddefoot 
 Producer: Victoria Macky
2010 April-May Sweeney Todd Cover.jpg
April - May 2010
Sweeney Todd
Book by Hugh Wheeler
Director:  Leo Vandervalk
Music Director: Peter Weerts
 Producers: Tony & Terri Fox
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