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The Mount Players and Boilerhouse Collaboration

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In 2023, for the first time in our 52 year history, The Mount Players is working with the Boilerhouse Theatre, based in Sunbury, combing resources and talent to bring Peter Pan - A Musical Adventure to the Mountview Theatre stage in November!

Directed by Jessica Ryan and Ryan Ireland
Produced by Craig Lenaine-Smith and Sharon Storm

Combined TMP and Boilerhouse Membership

We have introduced a Combined 2023 TMP & Boilerhouse Theatre Membership for the Cast and Crew of Peter Pan - A Musical Adventure. ALL CAST AND CREW MUST BE FINANCIAL MEMBERS OF BOTH COMPANIES.

The membership fee is just $40.00, but if you are already a 2023 financial member of either company, you can become a member of the other company for just $10.00.

As a member of both companies, you agree to abide by both the TMP and Boilerhouse Member obligations.


A copy of the TMP Rules of Association is available to download here: TMP Rules of Association

A copy of the Boilerhouse Membership Rules is available to download here: Boilerhouse Membership Rules

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