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The 2024 Annual General Meeting of The Mount Players Incorporated will be held at the Mountview Theatre,
56 Smith Street, Macedon on:
FRIDAY 16th Feb 2024 @ 7.30pm

Business to be conducted at the AGM includes reports from both the President and Treasurer on the 2023 year's activities, and the election of General Committee members for 2024.


All members are invited and encouraged to attend.


Meeting time is 7:00 pm for an 7.30 pm meeting start.


Election of members to the Committee: 


  • Members nominate or are nominated for Committee membership, not for a position such as President or Secretary (download link for the Nomination Form is below).

  • All those nominating for Committee membership must be 18 years of age or older and MUST be paid up members of The Mount Players for 2024. (Rules of Incorporation Pg 17 Item 49.) Membership is valid from January 1st 2024 - December 31st 2024 ** 

  • ** Membership must be purchased 10  business days prior to the AGM to nominate or be nominated, in accordance with the  Rules of Association, Pg 5, Item 13 2b, General Rights of Members.

  • Nominations do not require a "seconder" but do require the signature of the person nominating or being nominated.

  • Members may self-nominate.

  • All 2023 Committee members are eligible for re-nomination


  • Once the 2024 Committee members have been nominated and accepted onto the Committee, the office bearers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) are elected internally by the members of the incoming 2024 Committee.


Voting at Annual General Meeting:


  • Members under the age of 15 are unable to vote (Rules of Incorporation, Pg 6 Item 14).

  • Each member who is entitled to vote has one vote, and members may vote personally or by proxy.

  • A member may appoint another member as his or her proxy to vote and speak on his or her behalf. 

  • A form appointing a proxy must be given to the Secretary or AGM Chairperson before or at the commencement of the AGM (download link to form below).


Nomination forms can be:


  • Sent to The Returning Officer, PO Box 216, Macedon 3440. 

  • Emailed to

  • Handed to the Secretary or AGM Chairperson 15 minutes before the meeting commences.


The 2024 Committee Nomination Form, Proxy Form and Rules of the Association and draft of the 2023 AGM Minutes are linked below.

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