AUDITIONS for Reservoir Dogs(Play)


Auditions for an ALL FEMALE version of Reservoir Dogs, Directed by Craig Lenaine-Smith, will be held on:

* Wednesday May 4th from 7.00pm and

* Saturday May 7th from 10.00am

Venue for auditions, rehearsals and performances is The Mountview Theatre, 56 Smith Street, Macedon. Rehearsals are generally on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sundays.


A gender flipped version of Quentin Tarantino’s iconic Reservoir Dogs for an all-female cast.
They were six strangers, assembled to pull off the perfect crime. Given fake names so no one could identify the others, they thought there was no way their heist could have failed. But after a police ambush, killing one and injuring another, the criminals return to their rendezvous point and realise that one of them had to have been a police informant. But who was it?

MA15+: Strong Language, Violent Themes

Character Summary:

8 females (20 – 70)
American accents required

The below age descriptions are a guide only. We are looking for actors who look right, and who can play the ages stated.
Ethnically diverse actors encouraged to audition. 

Character Descriptions:

Ms White (Lauren Dimmick)     age 40 – 50

A long time friend of boss Jo Cabot, who is hired by Jo along with five other women to carry out a jewel heist. White acts as the anti-hero, as she is the nicest out of the criminals and doesn't agree with the killing of innocent people. She comforts Orange when she gets shot, even telling her, her real first name.
Ms Blonde (Victoria “Toothpick” Vega)     late 20s – 40
Hired by Jo Cabot because she is a long-term friend of “Nice Gurl” Edie. She is a psychopath. She is very calm in crisis, well spoken with a dark sense of humour. Blonde kidnaps a policewoman to get information from her; in doing so she slices the policewoman's ear off and then pours petrol over her. It is also implied that she was raped while in prison giving her an even darker past, a lot darker than the others.

Ms Pink     age late 20s – 40s

Pink is neurotic but also logical. She is a professional criminal, although she is prone to panic. She avoids getting her feelings in the way of her work. The only one in the group that doesn’t reveal her real name. 

Ms Orange (Frankie Newendyke)     age 20s – 40s

Her fake back story is that she is an amateur robber and the other characters view her as inexperienced. This results in White taking her under her wing and acting as a mentor. She spends most of the play either in excruciating pain or unconscious. She has a long “transitional” monologue in the second act as she seeks to gain the trust of Jo and Edie.

Jo Cabot    age 60+

Crime boss matriarch and boss of the jewel heist. Think Judy Moran, Kath Pettingill (Animal Kingdom) and Ma Baker! She has a daughter, Edie, and treats Blonde like surrogate family. 

"Nice Gurl" Edie Cabot     age 20s – 30s

Jo Cabot's daughter who helps her run her business. Despite her nickname, she actually isn't a nice girl; she is close friends with Blonde and has deep loyalty to her. She shows her dangerous side when her mother is threatened.

DUAL ROLE: Ms Brown / Jerry Andrews     age 30s - 50

Brown is the getaway driver for the heist.  She stars in the opening scene and talks a lot; however, doesn’t make it out of the heist alive. Jerry Andrews is the policewoman who is kidnapped by the criminals and then tortured by Blonde. 

DUAL ROLE: Ms Blue / Detective Holdaway     age 30s – 50

Blue is one of the criminals who plays a minor part in the Diner before being shot. She is the oldest of the six and talks the least. Detective Holdaway is Frankie’s superior.

Auditions by appointment only. For enquiries and to book your audition, please contact Craig Lenaine-Smith


Season Dates: 19th August – 4th September
Show Times: Friday and Saturday evenings 8:00pm, Sundays 2:00pm