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Friday 12th February, 7:00 pm for a 7.30pm start.

At The Mountview Theatre, 56 Smith St, Macedon.

A play reading of  "The Savages of Wirramai"

by Sandy Fairthorne.

If you’re interested in reading, please contact: 

David Runnalls on or Mob 0407 103 455

Note that for the purposes of the play reading, the ages of the cast does not matter. If you would like to read any part, contact David and come along and join in!


Every Anzac Day long weekend Ron and Mary Savage gather their three adult daughters together at the family farm, a property recently covered in wind turbines.  And every year they pay homage to their father’s and forefather’s battles, by attending Ron’s march with his Vietnam veteran mates, down the main street of Wirramai.
Angel Savage, middle child, still lives with her parents at home, supposedly to care for them both. Trapped by her own insecurities, she spends her days cleaning other people’s houses for a living, while she dreams of a life that might have been.  
Oldest daughter Devina Savage has two children and lives in Melbourne.  Her visits are the most anticipated, being her parents’ favourite. This year she only brings her sixteen year old son, Matthew, a teenager who’s grown up in awe of his grandfather’s heroic past.
And then there is Cassie, the Melbourne based artist.  The family’s black sheep, just out of rehab, and as angry, private and yet big hearted as ever. 
This Anzac day reunion looks to be as volatile, unpredictable, and darkly hilarious as any other.  Except this year, the inadvertent revelation of a long kept family secret changes everything.  
This year, there is no going back.




(Note- The recommended ages are not important for the play reading) 
RON Savage (“FATHER”) – early 70’s
MARY Savage (“MOTHER”) – late 60’s 
DEVINA Savage– Late 30’s 
ANGEL Savage – Mid 30’s
CASSIE Savage – mid to late 20’s
MATTHEW Rawson – (Devina’s son) – mid teens

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